Hugo Bienvenu

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Hugo Bienvenu is a spiritual coach and a mentor. He helps “Healer Souls” deep dive into themselves in order to transform their limiting beliefs, manifest the life they deserve and fully offer their contribution to the world. Hugo is the “Sacred Fire’s Protector of the Healer Souls.” 

The Project

Hugo created his company eight years ago. Now he’s facing a turning point and feels ready to show himself and his business from another angle. The time has come to uplevel and upgrade his brand to match it with his great vision.

Our Services · Iconic + Legend

Our Services
Iconic + Legend

Brand identity
Social media design
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The Outcome

A brand full of paradoxes: powerful but also caring, masculine and feminine, tangling shadow and light.

▸ Warm, dark and vibrant colors to reflect the brand’s duality.

▸ Warm and natural fabrics to intensity the brand and create a strong “wrap up” feeling.

▸ Contrasting fonts for a powerful brand!


His words…

Photo Hugo Bienvenu Portfolio

Before working with Amandine, I felt that there was a significant gap between my company’s big vision and what I really created in my visual identity. I’d reached an upper limit. The time had come to think about my positioning and recreate my brand identity from scratch. Concretely, I felt that my branding reflected something childish, with shallowness and a lack of power.

Thanks to Iconic and Amandine, my brand has quality and fits with my big vision.
It has relief, depth and meets the high-end standards I was looking for with my brand. 

I’m fully in love with what Amandine created! She also gave various elements and a detailed graphic chart, which helped to manage or delegate my brand’s identity with ease.

Amandine’s intuition is very powerful, such as the alchemy between her expertise and what she “channels.” She succeeded in striking a balance between the identity I was looking for and the identity that would challenge me to surpass myself, to see more and bigger.

With Amandine, I connected myself with a brand I never could have thought of myself… And it, however, talks to all my heart.

Hugo Bienvenu

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