Your haute couture visual identity

We create high-standard brand identities for visionary CEOs.
We do not only elevate your business worth but also unchain it by building a whole multidimensional, sophisticated and wild brand universe.
Let’s make your company stands out in an oversaturated industry.




Your haute couture visual identity

‣ A primary logo
‣ A secondary logo
‣ A favicon
‣ A color palette
‣ Fonts
‣ Social networks’ templates
‣ A moodboard
‣ A brand board
‣ Copyright-free pictures
‣ Brand style guide
‣ Unlimited WhatsApp branding support 

Timeline: +/- 8 weeks
Investment: from 8 000€
Funding: payment plans available

Only a limited number of clients each quarter.


Iconic is for you if…

You are an experienced professional and working as a coach, a therapist, a healer, etc.

You understand the power of branding. For the first time, you are ready to get the professional brand image you deserve. A brand to show up in the way you’ve always deserved. Today, you are finally ready to get it!

▸ You are currently creating your new brand from scratch and are looking for someone sharing your high-end standards.

iconic mockup anthea
iconic mockup gaia corporate


And also if…

You are a spiritual CEO, an established entrepreneur or visionary leader, among the best in your industry.

You already have a (professional) brand but you want more now. You are ready to uplevel your company’s potential by creating more than just a business: an iconic brand, a legacy.

▸ Your business has evolved or is still evolving (new positioning, new market, new audience, new offers, etc.) and you need a deep change to fully embody this expansion.

▸ “Average” is not an option. You don’t care about being great. You want to be stunning and memorable.



Give birth to the brand

of your wildest dreams…

A stunning and memorable brand universe, created to fit with your great vision and the premium / luxury standards of your business.

    A unique brand identity, where every detail counts. The essence and the vibe of your “next level” brand translated into the matter.

    A tailor-made image, a logo “like a symbol”, to honor your brand and reveal to the world how powerful it is.

    A refined and sophisticated brand aesthetic to fully embody your mission and your ambitions.

    Dina Domingues Pierre de Lune portfolio

    « I worked with Amandine because I had the feeling that I’d “lost myself” while communicating for my company (created more than four years ago). I lacked clarity about my positioning, my target and even my offers.

    In addition to being seduced by working with Amandine on my branding and visual identity, I felt that this deep work could also challenge me, and I wanted to be fully coached into this great transition.

    Amandine knew how to translate my company’s essence and the corresponding values. At first, I was really surprised by the brand universe she suggested to me because it was the exact opposite of what I was used to…and this is where the magic happened!

    I realized that I didn’t allow myself to break out of the mould, to undertake a brand identity faithfully reflecting my own tastes and being disruptive in my line of business.

    Today, my branding is a vibe. It still challenges me, but in a positive way for my company and its message to the world. You are such an amazing (crazy) woman with unique talents ! »

    Dina Domingues