A VIP creative director

for your tailor-made brand image



…the most amazing photoshoot EVER.
…the most gorgeous place you’ve ever shot.
…crazy ideas that you’ve never had before for your company.
…an incredible and professional team to make you glow.
…that feeling of being seen in the lens of your photographer.

Finally…Everything you’ve ever wanted (and more) for your CEO’s image are here, anchored into the matter!

Your only job right now: to shine and show up as you really are – as the powerful, empowering and empowered CEO of a stunning empire.

Our mission: sublimate your brand and reveal the real badass CEO you are to the world.


What we can do together…

Your tailor-made photoshoot guide

‣ A preliminary call (+/- 1h30),

A bespoke photoshoot guide that contains 2 creative directions* for your next photoshoot, and for each:
・1 moodboard,
・2 shooting places,
・2 stylism and make-up ideas,
・2 photographers,
・2 make-up artist,
・A posing guide,

A final call (+/- 1h) right after the delivery,

‣ 7 days of WhatsApp support after the term of the contract (to answer all  the questions you may have).

Timeline: +/- 3 weeks
Investment: 900€

*in the city of your choice and according to your brand identity

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Allure VIP

What we can do together…

Your own Creative and Artistic Director

I will…
‣ Work on your creative direction and scenography photoshoot skills (through curated content, moodboards, creative ideas, location lists, etc.).
‣ Search for shooting places (prestige locations, apartments, hotels, studios, etc.) and contractors (photographers, hair stylers, make-up artists, etc.), according to your brand identity.
‣ Coordinate all the contractors before, during and after the photoshoot.
‣ Create shopping lists related to your photoshoot stylism and accessory preferences.
‣ Be on site with you, to lead you during the photoshoot, as your Creative and Artistic Director
‣ Etc.

Timeline: to be defined / tailored service
Investment: on quote
Funding: payment plans available

Only a few spots each quarter.