Stefanie Palma

Our client

Stefanie Palma is a coach and an expert on intimate relationships. Her mission? Helping men being happy in love by guiding them to find the woman of their dreams if they’re single, or helping them save their relashionship if they’re with someone.

The Project

Stefanie has been a business owner  for many years and now faces a turning point. Her company is evolving and the time has come to get an aligned image, in accordance with a higher positioning and for all the new services she offers

Our Service · Iconic

Our Service · Iconic

Brand identity
Social media design

The Outcome

▸ A feminine, classique and stylish universe  that helps the brand to confirm its high-end positioning and Stefanie’s feminine side while staying accessible to the company masculine’s audience.

▸ A palette made of plain and deep colors, ideal to represent what is at the heart of Stefanie’s activity: love.

▸ Luxurious and sophisticated fabrics, in accordance with the muffled and cozy ambiance.

▸ A font choice that is masculine but also feminine to match with Stefanie’s target and personality.

stefanie palma papier
stefanie palma business card
stefanie palma bougie

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