Pierre de Lune

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Pierre de Lune is a place founded by Dina Domingues and is dedicated to alternative therapists, spiritual workers and wellness professionals. It allows them to rent a private office or collective space for a short amount of time or in a more lasting way.

The Project

After a few years of activity, Dina wanted to work on her company’s image in a professional way in order to create a strong and modern brand, showing her (future) clients how different and innovative Pierre de Lune is.

Our Service · Iconic

Our Service · Iconic

Brand identity
Social media design

The Outcome

A spiritual and feminine brand universe.

▸ Bright, natural and joyful colors to reflect Pierre de Lune’s caring and warm personality.

▸ Raw and natural fabrics to reflect how anchored the brand is.

▸ Amazing fonts for a sophisticated brand!


Her words…

Dina Domingues Pierre de Lune portfolio

“I worked with Amandine because I had the feeling that I’d “lost myself” while communicating for my company (created more than four years ago). I lacked clarity about my positioning, my target and even my offers.

In addition to being seduced by working with Amandine on my branding and visual identity, I felt that this deep work could also challenge me, and I wanted to be fully coached into this great transition.

Amandine knew how to translate my company’s essence and the corresponding values. At first, I was really surprised by the brand universe she suggested to me because it was the exact opposite of what I was used to…and this is where the magic happened!

I realized that I didn’t allow myself to break out of the mould, to undertake a brand identity faithfully reflecting my own tastes and being disruptive in my line of business.

Today, my branding is a vibe. It still challenges me, but in a positive way for my company and its message to the world. 

You are such an amazing (crazy) woman with unique talents!”

Dina Domingues

Pierre de Lune
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