Our client

Hugo Bienvenu is a spiritual coach and a mentor. He helps “Healer Souls” deep dive into themselves in order to transform their limiting beliefs, manifest the life they deserve and fully offer their contribution to the world. Hugo is the “Sacred Fire’s Protector of the Healer Souls.” 

The Project

As launching his future business and spiritual retreats, Hugo is looking for a specific brand identities, linked to his main one (discover here) but also different to help his audience understand that these events are his next “signature offers”.

Our Service · L’atelier

Brand identity

The Outcome

▸ This elegant and powerful universe allows the brand to confirm its positioning while distinguishing itself from its competition.

▸ A dark, warm and nluxurious colour palette enhanced by a bold yellow, in order to create a unique and outstanding brand universe.

Immersion principal - 1
Immersion exemples branding Nxt - 2
Immersion exemples branding Nxt - 1
Immersion exemples branding Nxt - 3

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