Eessences Natives

Our client

Gaïa Corporate is a company that enlightens the Individual into the Collective and the Collective into the Individual, through the interrelationship between living things and their environment.

In April 2023, the company will launch a spiritual and online program called “Essences Natives” to help its audience understand the connections that our births imply in our lives, and how to take leadership back over our lives.

The Project

The company’s goal is to create a new brand identity for this program but with the expertise of Gaïa Corportate‘s branding.

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A tailor-made offer includes:
Social media design
▸ 11-paged PDF document

The Outcome

▸ A sophisticated and original iconography, translating the opposition between the “modern world” and the anchored roots of Humanity.

▸ A range of blue tones and a touch of dark grey, borrowed from Gaïa Corporate’s simultaneously urban vibe and natural foothold.

▸ Raw, natural but also luxury fabrics to express the positioning of this program and the company.

▸ Contrasting fonts for a sophisticated brand!

Logo simple - Essences Natives

Social Media Design

Look deeper into the social media elements we created for this high-end program’s launch. Each design is unique and plays with Gaïa Corporate codes while respecting the program’s creative direction.

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