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Gaïa Corporate is a company that enlightens the Individual into the Collective and the Collective into the Individual, through the interrelationship between living things and their environment.

As an innovative company, Gaïa Corporate restructures rigid and conservative principles of the society, thanks to an evolution of Humanity, of the work field and the patriarchal business industry. 

The Project

The company’s goal is to open new possibilities and build a fulfilling future in the interactions between Humans, and in the interrelationship between Humanity, Earth and Universe. The founder, Rebecca Sylla, wanted to fully embody Gaïa Corporate’s strong mission through a unique and stunning brand identity.

Our Service · Iconic

Our Service · Iconic

Brand identity
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The Outcome

▸ A pure universe of premium urban nature, grounded to the earth but also connected to « higher » worlds.

▸ A range of blue tones and a touch of dark grey to highligh Gaïa Corporate’s urban vibe but also its natural foothold.

▸ Raw, natural but also luxury fabrics to express all the potentialities of the company.

▸ Contrasting fonts for a sophisticated brand!


Her words…

guillements nathalie martin

“I was looking for a brand universe in accordance with the future brand I was creating.

I already have a brand. My desire was to create another one, totally different from the first one, with a fully distinctive vibe. Similar to having a second kid and not giving them hand-me-downs!

Amandine really knew how to understand the vibe I wanted to give my new brand, whether for the visual, graphic or energetic identity. I feel the brand’s energy in the final rendering – this small inexplicable thing, the “invisible beyond the visible” that I feel beyond the visual. She was a perfect translator of what I had in my mind and she made it possible thanks to her creativity.”

Rebecca Sylla

Gaia Corporate - Logo
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