Louison Lebeau

A bright, elegant and natural design made for those who are looking for a sophisticated and eye-catching brand in a short amount of time.

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Louison Lebeau

A bright, elegant and natural design made for those who are looking for a sophisticated and eye-catching brand in a short amount of time.

Your future brand

This semi-custom brand is made for…

  • Those who are starting a business or launching a newly branded offer
  • Those who don’t have time for a 100%-custom brand
  • Those who are not ready to go all-in with a fully custom brand
  • Aesthetic lovers who are seeking a beautifully crafted brand
  • Online or physical brands
  • Coaches, consultants, freelancers
  • Wellness professionals, therapists, healers
  • Beauty, handcraft and luxury products
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You brand kit

What you’ll receive

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Visualize your brand

Preview your brand now!

With "L'Atelier - Preview," discover what your brand will look like before purchasing your future logo.
Within 72 hours, receive a simulation of three logos for your future brand in your inbox!

NOTE: If you decide to purchase the related "L'Atelier" logo, the price of the preview will be deducted from your final purchase.

How it works

The 7-day process

[1] Select your brand

Have a look at our semi-custom brands, then pick your favorite and secure one. Choose the premade brand and the color palette that vibe the most and let's start the magic!

[2] Choose your colors

Customize your brand and choose your color palette. You can keep the brand's original color palette or choose another one from the collection below.

[3] Provide the details

After purchasing the premade brand kit, you will receive an email including all the important information required to customize your new branding. This will include:

  • A Calendly link to book your start day (2 spots each Monday - please note that this is not an appointment between you and me!)
  • A questionnaire to fill out, with details including your business name and information, colors you would like to see, and a space to tell us more about your brand and personal style
  • Few hours later, a secret Pinterest board to fill out

[4] Let's customize!

It's time to relax! Grab a coffee and let us customize your new brand to make your business shine! After we’ve received your questionnaire answers and Pinterest board, we will get to work on your brand identity.
We'll change the name on the logo, the baseline and the creation date of your business (if you have one), customize your moodboard, your brand board, select 10 pictures and create your brand guide.

[5] Time for delivery

Within one week, we will present a fully customized premade brand preview. You will then have two working days to approve the design or send over one round of minor changes, if needed.

[6] Final approval

Once you approve your logo, you will receive a link to a shared Google drive with all of your final designs in multiple colors and formats (.eps, .jpg, .png, .ai, .pdf and .svg). You will also discover your brand style guide on how to successfully use your new branding!

[7] Time to launch!

It’s time for you to share your beautiful new brand identity with the world... Let's pop the champagne and enjoy!


Louison Lebeau

Exclusive semi-custom brand | Only sold once

1 single payment | 1 400€
▸ 2 monthly payments | 2 x 700€

More informations

▸ A primary and alternate logo, customized with your business identity (delivered in each of your color versions + black and white / in .png, .jpg, .pdf, .pdf, .eps, .ai and .svg)
▸ A submark customized with your business identity
▸ A color palette  inspired by our range of colors or from the brand design you choose
▸ A set of 3 fonts (2 paid typographies and 1 free Google font)
▸ A moodboard
▸ Ten stock images curated for your brand
▸ A brandboard that includes all your brand’s elements
▸ A fully customized brand style guide
▸ One round of revisions (additional revisions available at 100€/hr)

“2 monthly payments” option: work starts the day of the second payment.
Due to the nature of this digital product, all sales are final.
All printing services are not included in the purchase of any semi-custom brand identity kit.

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Please note…

▸ Try to look beyond the colors when choosing your premade design, and do your best to feel the vibe of the brand! Try to imagine the custom brand with one of our color palettes, and visualise your brand’s name with this palette and this logo (or another one from our showroom)!

▸ Don’t forget that you can choose an alternate color palette from the collections above or keep the color palette we choose specifically for this design.

Le showroom

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I customize?

We will customize the logos and submark, with your business name and your tagline (if you have one). The style and the global design will not change. You can keep the design's colors or pick a new color palette from our selection. We will source 10 stock images according to your brand and your moodboard.

Can I ask for adjustments?

Because these are semi-custom designs, other than your own information and color palette everything else is taken care of!

If you want more of a custom experience, we suggest exploring the custom branding option Iconic !

How long does it take?

Seven days from the day you send us the questionnaire and the Pinterest board. We will reach out to you if we have any questions.

How many revisions do I get?

You'll receive one round of revisions. This round will often be a tweak to a color or a small adjustment. Most customers only need one round since they just want a minor revision but additional rounds are available at 100€/hr.

Will my brand look like others?

No, you will be the exclusive owner of the design!

Do I need Photoshop?

No! You will get a variety of files (.eps, .pdf, .png, etc.), but you will be able to make the logo files work everywhere (e.g., on Canva).

What if I don't like the result?

While we are customizing your files, we will make edits and refinements if we see the need to make your business name look better. One round of revisions is included in the scope of these brand kits, so we can make minor changes through that process to reach your ideal brand image!

What if I want a tailor-made logo?

Check Iconic: that option is what you're looking for!

What about copyrights?

You will have exclusive, irrevocable and worldwide permission to use all the designs received. You will be the sole owner of these designs, but resale is not permitted. If you want to register your brand as a trademark, please contact us before buying.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no refunds or exchanges are permitted because these designs are digital products. All sales are final.

Any additional fees?

To ensure a stunning and high-end brand identity, we use custom fonts which require licensing. So, you may be required to purchase a font license. These licenses can range from approximately $3 to $50 and are one-time fees.

What if I have more questions?

You can send a message here or jump in our Instagram DM.