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Why transform your offer into an experience?

(The Universalis Encyclopedia defines an experience as “everything that is perceived by our sensory faculties and constitutes the material of human knowledge.“)

You might be thinking, “Okay, but I’m an oline coach and I work remotely. What’s the connection?” What if I told you that crafting your offer as an experience for your clients can bring numerous benefits… Would you believe me?


Experience, a trend made to last

For several years now, consumers have been expecting to experience something different when they make a purchase.

In a standardized and automated online world, customers want more. And something different. Look at Apple and the total experience created around the brand: the Keynotes, the in-store welcome, the packaging, the ultra-easy product handling, the incredible ads (which look more like mini-movies or clips than traditional ads), etc.

Another example: many ready-to-wear brands have decided to personalize their package deliveries.

This includes a handwritten note with your name, stating “Mary prepared your order with love,” a few drops of perfume before sealing the package, etc. For some, these are just details. For others, it turns the simple reception of your package into an exciting experience (sometimes leading the customer to film the unboxing live on social media to share the moment)!

Telling the story of a product, its origin, and who made it is also part of this customer experience.

The interest in all this is pretty clear: bringing emotions into the mix (and getting viral).

Stand out now

Make your offers unforgettable

Engage your client emotionally

Integrating the notion of experience into your purchase process and the actual delivery of your offer allows you to engage your client emotionally.

By doing this, you ensure a stronger bond with them. Why? Because they felt special experiencing something unexpected.

Personal experience: when I was a student (yes, yesterday), a Tony & Guy hair salon opened in my city (Bordeaux, France). It clearly stood out in the hair salon market of that time: the hairdressers had multicolored hair, they offered cutting techniques from London, never seen before in the Bordeaux salons I frequented.

But there was something else: when I went there, I had a real experience. The atmosphere was amazing: informal, with hairdressers dancing and music blasting in the salon. The first thing they asked when I arrived was to choose my drink: coffee or various types of tea. After discussing the desired haircut, I went to the shampoo station… But not just any station: a huge massage chair that reclined during the shampoo, paired with an incredible head massage.

Once the cut was done, during the hair drying, the hairdresser brought out different care products, applied each one to their hand for me to smell, and asked me to choose my favorite.

Everything was thought out in the smallest detail. It may seem rather ordinary today, but at that time, it was truly unique.

Yes, the haircut price was exorbitant compared to other Bordeaux salons and considering my part-time sales job salary (I was a student). But I didn’t just leave with a great haircut. I also had a very pleasant experience where I felt privileged and like I was treating myself to a nice gift.

Experience as a memory factor

The hair salon I mentioned earlier closed 5 or 6 years ago. I used to go there about 20 years ago… And when I thought about writing this article, I immediately thought of that salon. Even though I haven’t set foot there in over ten years.

Offering an experience rather than a “simple” service to your clients has this advantage too: enhancing memory retention and leaving an unforgettable impression on those who choose to use your services.

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Leverage the “viral potential” of your new offer

Yes: if your clients have an incredible time with you, if they feel special because of the experience you provide, they’ll want to share it with their circle (word-of-mouth) and their online community (word-of-mouth 3.0).

You’ve probably seen Instagram stories of clients receiving a bouquet of flowers from their coach. In these stories, they generally explain how delighted they are with this unexpected surprise and how happy they are to start their coaching journey – tagging the coach, of course!

Yes! Offering a surprise to your clients to thank them for their trust in a financially significant coaching program is the beginning of an experience! By generating emotions in them, you’ve already created a stronger bond between you.

And don’t forget that these shares are precious: it’s free promotion for your services, paired with a powerful “social proof” indicating that your client fully trusts you!

Offer a unique moment to stand out from competitors

Thanks to these shares and by offering your clients an experience when they choose your services, you clearly stand out from your competitors. You pique interest and curiosity. Because if your prospect is hesitating between two coaches, they’ll likely choose the one who offers “more” by providing an incredible experience!

Your challenge

Turn your offers into experiences

Your mission now: assess and brainstorm how to transform your offer to provide a genuine experience for your clients!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and continue this conversation! Come chat with me in my Instagram DM @nxt_branding and let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand to new heights!

À très vite,