Vanessa Centroni

Our client

Vanessa is a business consultant. She’s an expert in strategic and operational development. After 17 years as a project and team manager in CAC40 companies, she currently coaches CEOs to guide them to their next level of success.

The Project

Few years after her business’s creation, Vanessa wants to reposition her activity and give birth to her company. She’s now looking for a brand identity that translates her personality and commitment: “Humans at the heart of excellence.”

Our Services

Brand identity
▸ Brand guide
▸ Brand management
Photo shootings

The Outcome

An elegant and modern identity that distinguishes itself from traditional and austere codes of the consulting industry. A polarizing brand that is indifferent to no one and is created to make an impact.

Neutral and bright colors translate the urban and modern sides of Vanessa Centroni.

Raw fabrics bring depth to the brand.

Impactful fonts for a visionary brand!


Her words…

Vanessa centroni NB Marque de Fabrique
temoignage celine domecq

“I wanted to reposition my business and I was lost. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to speak to or how, and I was lost about the image I wanted to show!

Today, I have a ‘wow’ brand. It differentiates me SO MUCH from what I can find in my industry…And I love being “out of the box.” I love to show who I really am and spotlight my difference.

I worked on my positioning and it is deeply aligned with what I was looking for. Amandine felt what I wanted and came up with some specific suggestions that I couldn’t even imagine. She knew how to put colors and words on what I couldn’t express.

I’m SO in love with my logo and my brand universe! Thank you so much for your whole work, your patience, your listening and the result – far away from what I could even dream of!”

Vanessa Centroni

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Vanessa Centroni Simulation 3
Vanessa Centroni Simulation 2

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