Sabrina Berchigny

Our client

Sabrina Berchigny is a modern shaman. She offers coaching and is an energetic healer for leaders and their businesses. Her goal is to elevate their conscious and connect them to their true Essence thanks to her company, Anthéa.

The Project

Sabrina wanted to give birth to Anthéa using a strong brand universe. Our idea: create a bold brand showing all of Anthéa’s aspects and paradoxes – a modern, urban and visionary brand, as strongly anchored to the ground as connected to “bigger and higher” worlds.

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Brand identity
Social media design

The Outcome

A powerful and feminine brand universe, that reflects all the paradoxes of the brand.

▸ Warm, natural and vibrant colors to reflect Anthea’s solar and magnetic personality.

▸ Raw and natural fabrics to bring strong integration and intensity to the brand.

▸ And sophisticated fonts for a bold brand!


Her words…

sabrina berchigny NB Marque de Fabrique

“I wanted a professional brand identity to create a consistent image on my business website, on my social networks, etc. Yes, I had ideas by my side, but I needed your expertise to gain clarity and to create the whole brand universe. I wanted to differentiate my business thanks to my branding.

I loved our collab! I’m in love with the result, which goes far beyond from my expectations! You perfectly knew how to tap into Anthéa’s energy and power (and it was challenging, for sure!).

Professionalism, advice, a well-informed eye and expertise came together to bring my whole brand to life. Thank you so much for what you created! Not only it is artistic, but having unique and tailor-made branding is also a wonderful gift to offer to your own business!

I can’t wait to work with you again!”

Sabrina Berchigny

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