Nathalie Martin

Our client

Nathalie Martin is an awareness raising coach. She helps her clients to reconnect themselves with who they want to be to create the lives which they aspire to have.

The Project

Today, Nathalie wants to create a brand universe that reflects perfectly her company’s personality and which reveals its true colors to her audience. She also desires a brand aligned to and consistent with her positioning.

Our Service · Iconic

Our Service · Iconic

Brand identity
Social media design

The Outcome

▸ A feminine and sophisticated brand universe. An invitation to let go. A grounded and strong image… with one’s head in the stars!

▸ A range of blues associated with a deep green to create a bold and natural palette.

▸ Soft and elegant fabrics, in line with the brand’s warm ambiance. 

▸ A set of stylish fonts to assert the brand’s identity!

logo nathalie martin dore
tampon Nathalie martin
cartes nathalie martin
logo papier dore nathalie martin

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Do you want to turn your image into a unique and unstoppable luxury brand that disrupts, inspires, and empower?

Are you ready to unchain your business by building a whole sophisticated and wild universe?