Our client

Freed’Âm was created by Inès Bey in 2023. Inès is a holistic therapist. She helps people to remove their blocks through reconnexion to their inner child and many other methods.

The Project

As launching her business, Inès desires to provide a professional brand identity to Freed’Âm, helping her clients discover her universe.

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Brand identity

The Outcome

▸ This elegant and feminine universe allows the brand to confirm its positioning while distinguishing itself from its competition.

▸ A soft, warm and natural variation of colours enhanced by a bold and cosy yellow, in order to create a unique and outstanding brand universe.

▸ Contrasting fonts for a modern brand!

freedam carre nxt branding 2
freedam carre nxt branding 3
freedam carre nxt branding 1

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