Céline Domecq

Our client

Céline Domecq is a therapist and an expert on intrapersonal and couple relationships. Improving love relationships to spread a new vision to our children is her mission.

The Project

As a business owner for 15 years, Céline’s spent many years creating and modifying her brand identity by herself. Today, Céline desires a strong positioning, a real presence and a firm identity.

Our Service · Iconic

Our Service · Iconic

Brand identity
Social media design

The Outcome

▸ This elegant and feminine universe allows the brand to confirm its positioning while distinguishing itself from its competition.

▸ A soft variation, enhanced by a bold and electric Klein blue, in order to create a unique and outstanding brand universe.

▸ Sophisticated fabrics to match the brand’s positioning.

▸ Contrasting fonts for a modern brand!


Her words…

sabrina berchigny NB Marque de Fabrique
temoignage celine domecq

“I had no identity. I tried to create a logo by myself. I picked colors according to my desires, over the years but I never succeeded in getting a satisfying result.

Today, I have everything, and even more than I could ever imagine! I got a real brand universe to affirm my online presence. More than just a simple logo, Amandine gave me templates to help me save time with my online communication. Everything is clear and smooth!”

Céline Domecq

Celine Domecq logo
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